Everyone knows that in the United States, individuals are entitled to rights and protections enshrined in the law. Sadly, however, many people don’t actually know how to invoke these protections, or even what rights they’re entitled to. The law can be complicated and enforcement of the law is even more so. Fortunately, that’s where lawyers come in. If you feel that you’ve been aggrieved or taken advantage of in an unlawful manner, consulting a lawyer is one of the easiest and most effective ways to determine what steps you have available to you.

Civil litigation is the process of initiating a legal proceeding against someone you believe has violated your legal rights. The only way you can enforce your legal rights is through the authority of a court. By making your case before a judge in a lawsuit, you can make sure that you receive compensation for any violations of your rights under state or federal law. Here are the three most common reasons why civil litigation should be pursued. Remember, you should always hire a lawyer to represent you in court, since the target of your lawsuit will almost certainly hire a lawyer as well.

Breach of Contract

Many people know that an agreement is only as good as the paper it’s written on. While most individuals understand the importance of getting a promise in writing, many don’t actually know how to enforce a contract if it’s been breached. If a contract has been breached, you must sue the offender in a court of law and have a judge order the contractee to either fulfill the contract or compensate you for your losses. If you are the victim of a breach of contract, you should seek a lawyer immediately to discuss next steps.

You should also approach a lawyer before you present a contract to be signed. There are many “contract templates,” available online, and many people think that any signed written agreement constitutes a legally binding contract. However, this is not the case. Contracts are complicated legal documents that must fulfill certain legal criteria to be enforceable. Trained lawyers spend hours ensuring a contract is airtight and properly written. You should always consult a lawyer when drafting a serious contract, rather than attempting to write one up yourself.

Employment Issues

Another common reason why ordinary individuals may be in need of legal advice is employment issues. Employment in the United States is regulated and governed by the Department of Labor, which designates a variety of fair employment practices and workplace safety standards that employers must comply with. States also have labour laws that companies need to follow. The most common violations of labour law are workplace discrimination, harassment, or termination. If you feel you were treated unfairly at your workplace, discuss your situation with a lawyer to talk about potential avenues for next steps.

Personal Injuries

Finally, personal injuries are another common area of issues that can require civil litigation to resolve. While it may not seem like hurting yourself is cause for a lawsuit, many people are often hurt due to the fault of someone else, resulting in potential liability due to incompetence or negligence. For example, if you get injured due to an unmarked construction site, you have sustained severe damages to your health and livelihood because someone else didn’t fulfill their responsibilities. You can have a court force that person or company to compensate you for the damages you’ve experienced through litigation.